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Thanks for dropping by! I am a physicist, a programmer and generally a hands-on kinda person. My current field of interest lies in quantum optics and quantum information. I prefer making things than just talking about them on paper. I also love to take photos.
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Automated M² Measurement to evaluate laser beam quality. Achieved through integration of different hardware and software components.
Now available as a pip-installable package.
Includes control code for NanoScan and DataRay WinCamD beam profilers.
  • Setting up of lab infrastructure and network
  • Development of automation techniques for data collection through equipment interfacing scripts on Linux
  • Remote monitoring, experimentation and extraction of data.
  • Linux system administration
  • Statistical Correlation of the Photon-Bunching Effect with Silicon Avalanche Photon Detectors.

Poster: "Measuring Temporal Coherence of Light from a Mercury Vapour Lamp" (Institute of Physics Singapore Meeting, 2016)

Managed Corporate Secretary System written in Django.
A system that manages a database of companies, each with their individual deadlines for documents and forms and sends periodic reminder E-Mails to the person in charge.
Telegram Bot to convert any given LaTeX code in a Telegram Chat into a rendered picture for easy viewing. For privacy reasons, a local LaTeX installation may also be used.

Scientific Works

Conference Talk2023
deRSE23 - Conference for Research Software Engineering in Germany YoungRSE Award Software-hardware interaction in experimental physics could be better, more interoperable, and more long-lived. This presentation hopes to bring this topic into the spotlight by presenting an example on how it could be done.
Bachelor Thesis2022
Max Planck Institute of Quantum Optics Part of the Fermion Quantum Processor (FermiQP) experiment, which aims to use ultracold fermionic 6Li atoms to construct a novel combined digital- and analogue quantum processor.

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E-Mail yudong.sun [at] physik.uni-muenchen.de